You Say Which Way

How these books work. 

These books are for readers 8 – 12 (although adults enjoy them too).

At the end of each chapter YOU, the reader, will make a decision that determines which way the story goes. Think carefully and then follow the link of your choice. You can have lots of fun exploring the many paths and trying all the possible options over time.

Your first decision is to pick which story to read. Things might get a little trickier after that. Have fun. Oh, and watch out for space pirates, morph rats, and poachers!

It is time to make your first decision.

Would you like to read:


Danger on Dolphin Island

How will you handle smugglers, volcanic eruption, earthquakes, lost treasure and a wild underground tube ride?

When you discover the dangers on Dolphin Island your vacation takes an exciting turn. Right from the start YOU get to choose what happens. Will you and your friends outwit the criminals or wind up trapped yourself?

Secrets of Glass Mountain

Have fun exploring a distant planet and making new friends. Will you become a leader, discover alien creatures or get eaten by the morph rats?

There’s trouble brewing, and you’re right in the middle of it. Will your decisions save your friends? Will you get find ancient secrets and diamonds or will you become a Slider and defend the Highlands? A different story each time you read is just a click away.

Click here for the whole list of ‘You Say Which Way’ book.

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