What readers are saying about Bad Chillies:

“From the beginning this book is a cracking read with suspense building on every page. I like a good story that draws me in and keeps me in there – even when I am away from it. I thought about the characters like they inhabit my landscape. This book delivers intrigue in big dollops.”

“It is set in Wellington NZ, my home town and it was so authentic it had me ‘Googling’ the streets to follow the action. It all made sense too which adds to the enjoyment.”

“The clear character development quickly defines the main players in the story as the shocking cruel crimes are revealed. The suspense builds and builds to a shocking but satisfying ending. I highly recommend this book.”

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What readers are saying about Art and Sharks:

“I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the characters, many of whom felt like close friends by the end of the book, I loved the storyline, and I especially loved the ending.”

“This book was kind of cosy in a funny kind of way – set in a small area of one of my favourite cities, but could have easily been set in London, New York, or even small-town America. The characters are so well drawn that they feel familiar, the pub is one I would happily visit, and it has bought out a new urge in me to once again take up chess.”

“There is some very funny parts in this book, some painful parts, some excitement, and, although in name only, it has Denzil.. I do so love that man! Buy this book, it is a fabulous read, and let’s all hope to read more from this up and coming author.”

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What readers are saying about Above High Tide:

“Blair Polly’s books always end with a twist you aren’t expecting which I love. I’m always trying to guess the endings and I haven’t managed to yet.”

“I liked the geological references and the characters are well described and plausible. There is mystery, romance and a car chase. I think it would make a good movie.”

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