An Interview With ChatGPT – How will this game-changing technology affect you?

Through a series of questions posed to ChatGPT, readers will gain a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence, its mindset, and its potential benefits and dangers. Join me as I delve into the artificial mind of ChatGPT and explore the possibilities and challenges of this rapidly-evolving technology.

An Interview With ChatGPT

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Art, Sharks and a Coffin Named Denzel
Bad Chillies
Above High Tide


Can AI be human?

When a flash flood separates Jack from his school group during a rafting trip, things get tricky fast. Luckily Jack has brought Iris, his new superintelligent and mysterious smartwatch, along for the ride. Iris is no ordinary smartwatch. She thinks she’s human, and in many ways she is. When a robotics company tries to steal Iris’s technology, Jack must do everything he can to save her from the thieves. During their adventure Iris teaches Jack about desert wildlife and how to survive, and Jack teaches Iris more about being human. Will Jack make it home, or will the thieves steal Iris and leave Jack in the desert?
For readers 10 – 12 years.

My Watch is Alive!
A middle-grade desert adventure.

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Interactive fiction with multiple endings for readers 8 – 12 years.
Where YOU say which way the story goes.

List of You Say Which Way Adventures:

Pirate Island
Lost in Lion Country
Dinosaur Canyon
Island of Giants
Secrets of Glass Mountain
Volcano of Fire
Secret of the Singing Cave
Isle of Swimming Cats
Valley of Flying Dogs

The Sorcerer’s Maze Adventure Quiz Series

The Sorcerer’s Maze Adventure Quiz
The Sorcerer’s Maze Jungle Trek
The Sorcerer’s Maze Time Machine

You Say Which Way Sets and Bundles 

Sci Fi Two Book Bundle 
Three Animal Adventures
Four You Say Which Way Adventures
Three You Say Which Way Adventures
4 More You Say Which Way Adventures
The You Say Which Way Collection (3 in 1)
Best of You Say Which Way (5 in 1)
The Sorcerer’s Maze Collection (3 in 1)

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