Blair Polly emigrated from California to New Zealand in his teens and now lives in Wellington.

He has written three novels, all of which are set in New Zealand.

Blair also writes interactive adventure fiction for readers 8+. In these stories, the reader becomes part of the narrative and, at the end of each chapter, has to make a decision that determines the direction the story takes.

Blair recently co-edited and published ‘Sweet As’ Contemporary Short Stories an anthology of short stories by New Zealand authors to raise funds for IHC.

The following titles by Blair Polly are available from Amazon.com.
Or if you live in the United Kingdom from Amazon.co.uk

Bad Chillies (crime fiction)
Art and Sharks  (contemporary urban drama)
Above High Tide  (romantic thriller)

And for readers 8 years and older who like a bit of adventure.
You Say Which Way – Next generation storytelling.
Where YOU the reader say which way the story goes.

Pirate Island
Lost in Lion Country
Secrets of Glass Mountain
Danger on Dolphin Island 
Boxed Set – Four You Say Which Way Adventures

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